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1 USD = 112 Yen ( ± 5 )
1 EUR = 124 Yen ( ± 5 )
1 GBP = 158 Yen ( ± 5 )


Mbok / au one Mobaoku Auction is the biggest auction site for mobile phone's users in Japan

Mbok / Mobaoku Auction ( Japanese )

Mbok / Mobaoku Auction ( English )

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Why can't we Snipe bid (the last minute bid) for Mbok Auction?
1. Some sellers tend to close the auction earlier

Mbok auction is not a safe auction.
A buyer can get the seller's personal information, including his/her phone number.
Many of the sellers are young women, and safety is the most important for them.
Therefore, they refuse "Snipe bid" (the last minute bid) to avoid bad buyers.
It is because they need to check the buyer's feedback.
They tend to close the auction earlier.

2. There are the following rules in Mbok auction

*** The successful bidder has to contact the seller as the first process.
The successful bidder can't bid for the other auctions unless he/she completes the first process.

If a seller closes the auction earlier, our "Snipe bid Tool" stops working with this rule.
We have to complete the first process for all the successful bids before starting the "Snipe bid". It is difficult for us to meet all these conditions.

We suggest you should bid at the early stage.

Bid Increments :
The incremental amount is predetermined based on the current high bid on the item.
The following table shows the amount of bid increments.

Current Price

Bid Increment
       1yen ~    499yen 10yen
   500yen ~   999yen 20yen
   1000yen ~   4999yen 100yen
  5000yen ~  9999yen 250yen
  10000yen ~  29999yen 500yen
 30000yen ~  9999yen 1000yen

Mbok / au one Mobaoku Auction Item URL :


Combination of "Basis URL Address" + "Item Number xxxxxxxxx"

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